Phoenix Media Partners actively supports Path to Possibilities a UK registered charity that sponsors the secondary education of disadvantage young people in Nigeria.

In 2003, the net attendance rate of primary education in Nigeria was 63.7% and 56.5% for males and females respectively. However, few children continue their education at the secondary level. The disturbingly low figures for secondary school attendance stood at 35.1% for males and 32.6% for females in 2003 (Hubler, F. 2005, Primary and secondary school attendance in Nigeria).

The single factor holding young people back is poverty. Secondary school education places a burden on parents who must carry the extra expense whilst losing some or all of the earning. Expenses for uniforms, learning and laboratory materials, transportation and living expenses are greater than for primary school students.

Path to Possibilities scouts state funded primary schools in poor communities and work closely with school heads to identify bright but poor students. Selection is based on merit only. The number of students we support each year depends on available funds from donors.

Path to Possibilities pays for school fees, books, and accommodation, including living expenses throughout the students’ secondary school education.

To support Path to Possibilities visit www.pathtopossibilities.co.uk

To donate http://www.justgiving.com/Phoenix-Media-partners-path-to-possibilities